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Biography of David L. Peters

My name is David L. Peters. I am 85 years old. My life has been an amazing journey that many have termed “lucky’, as I have had so many “coincidences” that it is an almost impossible story to believe. I prefer to call them ‘synchronicities’.  My career was as an engineer, dealing with the flight simulation market, that is teaching people how to fly, especially large and fast aircraft. My specialty was the visual system and understanding the visual perceptual processes of pilots. I am still very active in my company, as the Chairman.

I have also been involved with spiritual groups for most of my adult life, starting some and leading one large one for 15 years. I have read extensively instead of watching much television, reading science books on advanced physics and many (hundreds) of spiritual books, from the theological tomes of St. Augustine to modern ‘new age’ authors as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

I have also had a ‘shadow’ that dogged me persistently, especially over the age of 40, which led me to join a 12-step group that taught me more how to integrate my spirituality into my life in a deeper fashion.

But overriding all, has been the light of my Eternal Wisdom, my God, all my life, always ready to show me the next rung on the ladder of fulfillment. All I had to do was raise my head up and look; that brilliant light from God was always there. I have had an astounding amount of Joy and Happiness in my life, as all I had to do was pause, and God was there, filling my being with bubbly joy often for no apparent reason; just because.

As I have grown older, I see that not many people seem to have that same wonder and joy from life that I still wake up to every morning. Life seems stifling and lonely, and they express fears and doubts about life in general. This has caused me to go back and see the path I have trod now for 80+ years and what makes me different from so many others. The result is this book, based on my life experiences that seem different from so many I have spoken with about life.

I live in upstate New York, about 200 miles north west of New York City, with my wife of 58 years. We live on a high hill on 8+ acres overlooking a valley, and have lived here for almost 40 years. We raised our family of 7 children here; a delightful place of woods and rolling countryside, and the view is spectacular, and is wonderful place to see the grandeur of God in nature in all its’ glory.

I am presently the prime caregiver of my wife, who has terminal cancer. I am still active in my company, mostly by internet, and still have to sprirtual groups that I attend when I have coverage at home.

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