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PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Although outwardly successful as a pastor and adjunct professor, Bary Fleet used to feel as though he was a fraud inside—someone who was faking his way through life, certain one day he would be exposed as a phony. In his new book, Move Into Your Magnificence: 101 Invitations to a Life of Passion and Joy, he explains how he overcame that thinking to rediscover the light, love, joy, peace, beauty and goodness with which he says all human beings are born.

His book is divided into six sections: Time Marches On, Healing Thoughts, Self-Actualization, Victories and Vices, Nature and Culture, the Best Kind of Service, and Meditations and Mediations. Each section contains short stories with an invitation for the reader to take action.


Fleet begins by writing about his childhood in which he learned to hide his feelings so that people would not laugh at him. He was the kid everyone fought not to have on their team when choosing sides. Then, at age 68, he completed his first sprint triathlon. But his advice is not only for those who push themselves physically. He writes, “What I’ve discovered is that you don’t have to accomplish monumental goals, like completing a triathlon or a Spartan event. You can connect with your Inner Magnificence every day by doing little things.”

In an interview, Fleet can talk about:

  • How he went from being the athlete no one wanted to the athlete everyone wants to be.
  • What he means by inner magnificence. How does it often get buried under layers of protective armor
  • His advice for parents who want to raise confident children
  • What it’s like to be the oldest guy at the triathlon and what he has done for encores


Praise for Move Into Your Magnificence

“I see these as one-a-day spiritual/psychological vitamins. When people accept his inviations, a transformation occurs. Read this book! This guy has a lot of wisdom to share with you. He’s the real deal!” – Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

“Bary Fleet has created the most joy-filled self-help book I have ever read! He offers 101 invitations to move into your inner magnificence, illustrated by delightful and poignant personal stories of realization and triumph over life’s challenges. While life can be experienced as hard, this fabulous book shows how the solution can be simple and joyful.”— Patrick J. Harbula, D.D., best-selling author of The Magic of the Soul and Meditation: The Simple and Practical Way



About the Author

In addition to being a pastor, Bary Fleet has spent more than 30 years teaching leadership and psychology at Emory University, Bryant University, and Johnson and Wales University. He is also on the faculty at the Holmes Institute for Consciousness Studies. He has been the program director of a non-profit counseling center as well as having his own private practice. He is a TEDx speaker and a Canfield Certified Success Coach.

Contact: Bary Fleet, (401) 654-4134; bary.fleet@gmail.com; www.DrBaryFleet.com

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