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Steven was born in Charleston, West Virginia into and Air Force family (both parents at one point) and is proud to be called a military brat.  He traveled the country and the world following his father during his career as an Air Force Sergeant.  Having spent more of that time in Texas and San Antonio in particular, he considers himself a Texan at heart even though his own career has taken him far afield.  He grieves every spring when the blue bonnets are in bloom and he is not there to enjoy them.

He graduated from the United States Naval Academy on June 5, 1974 having majored in math (after a brief foray into chemistry) and was selected for the Navy Nuclear Power program in spite of one of the shortest interviews of all time with Admiral Rickover.  He earned his gold dolphins aboard the USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) which was the lead ship in the Navy’s fleet of attack submarines.  Navy travel took him from Norfolk to the Mediterranean Sea, through the Panama Canal to Pearl Harbor and even beautiful downtown Diego Garcia among other ports of call.  Being on the “First and Finest” brought with it a bevy of visits from dignitaries including the Aga Khan, assorted movie stars, and President Jimmy Carter and the First Lady.

His subsequent career involved safety and risk evaluations of nuclear power plants for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), the civilian nuclear power industry in the United States and Canada, and government service with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff.  He obtained a master’s degree in electrical engineering via the GI Bill while working full time at the INL.  Throughout this period he indulged his love for the game of golf which endures to this day and a 30 year avocation as a baseball and basketball official from which he retired to be able to watch his own children play sports.

He resides in Ashburn, Virginia in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with his wife Barbara who has managed to put up with him for over 23 years.  He has six children (including a set of triplets), five grandchildren and a 95 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback named Sunstone’s Jasiri (Jazz) who likes to hog most of the space on the bed.

He is passionate about story-telling and the general subject of leadership, having to learn most of what he knows through college of hard knocks and the graces of the sailors and shipmates he served with while they tolerated his mistakes and taught with that genteel manner that only bubbleheads understand or will elaborate on (they don’t call it the silent service for nothing).  Steve believes that leaders are made, not born, and that teaching others how to lead is the most rewarding and vital occupation anyone can participate in.

Steve can be reached any time at to talk about leadership and swap sea stories.  Of course, you must understand the difference between sea stories and fairy tales.  Fairy tales all begin with “Once upon a time” while sea stories always begin with “This is no BS.”  After that, they are identical.



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