Hadley Fitzgerald – May 8, 2017

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Hadley Fitzgerald has been a licensed psychotherapist for 35 years, a professional astrologer for more than four decades, and has a worldwide clientele. She believes that, in addition to being part of a planetary ecosystem, we each have a deep internal ecology to establish and maintain—for our own well-being and for the sake of our relationships with others. In her experience, psychology offers us a model—or an amalgam of models—to explore a person’s current family history and presenting problems; to assess the degree of dissonance between the conscious and unconscious minds, the outer and inner selves; to determine emotional and behavioral manifestations of that dissonance; and to help establish goals for change that will enable someone to lead whatever she or he comes to believe would be a more congruent life.


Given this psychological foundation, contemporary evolutionary astrology then provides a schematic of something deeper and more mysterious—the true voice in us that aches to respond to the questions: “Who are you? What are you here to do? What complexities have you brought with you? What do you truly need?” So, rather than seeing astrology as a forecasting instrument or a static descriptor of personality, Hadley consistently approaches the personal horoscope as a rich symbol system, an in-depth blueprint for exploring and clarifying the complexities of each person’s inner ecosystem—a way to establish and visualize a collaborative relationship between the various parts of our unique selves so that we stop projecting our internal conflicts onto our personal and professional relationships.


When these two arts collaborate effectively, we expand the language of healing and wholeness. In this 21st century, where we’re stuffed with information while simultaneously starving for wisdom, we can step into a more integrated paradigm for how to be with ourselves and with everyone else we encounter.


Hadley Fitzgerald, MA, LMFT, has degrees from UCLA and the California Family Study Center (now Phillips Graduate Institute), an Institute for Cultural Change Certificate of Training in Ecopsychology, and is a Certified Tarotpy® Practitioner. She is a clinical member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and the Depth Psychology Alliance. She also provides astrological consultations for other psychotherapists and colleagues in the helping professions to help them enhance their work with their clients. In 2016 she taught a year-long webinar in family systems therapy, astrology, and archetypal imagery to 40 post-graduate students in Beijing, China. Her two years as a jury selection consultant in civil court trials years ago became the genesis of her interest in holistic law and mediation. She is co-author, with Judith Harte, of Images of Soul: Reimagining Astrology and is the author of the Psychological Astrology section of Under One Sky by Rafael Nasser, ed. by Jodie Forrest. She has published numerous articles, has been a has been a free-lance journalist for 20 years, and has a private therapeutic practice and astrological consulting practice in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.

Her website is www.HadleyFitzgerald.com. She can also be reached at 818-783-3891 and FitzHere2@aol.com

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