Photo Gallery

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Mari with Debra Roca being honored at the 2011 Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Luncheon.

 (Find out more about Mari’s award by clicking here.  

Mari speaking at the Whitehouse


Mari introducing Former President Bill Clinton.

Mari with Former President Bill Clinton and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Mari on FOX 11 News in Los Angeles in 2011

Mari on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

Mari with Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens; Mari is a Sheriff Reserve and Professional Services Responder for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.


Mari and Seargent Jim Daly at the Orange County Fair

Mari being interviewed live on NPR, National Public Radio.

Mari presenting her 90-minute PBS Special

Mari with host Greg Sherwood on PBS TV in San Francisco.

Mari and Joanne McNabb-Chief of the California Office of Privacy Protection; Mari is on the Advisory Committee for the Office of Privacy Protection.