Prescriptions for Healing Conflict Radio Show

Mari J. Frank, Esq.

Host, Prescriptions for Healing Conflict

Attorney, Mari Frank hosts Prescriptions for Healing Conflict every Monday morning at 8:30 AM PST on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine, California. The show simultaneously streams on and is also podcast on iTunes .  She brings her listening audience insights from  experts in  the field of  peacemaking  and conflict management.  You’ll hear fascinating interviews with famous authors, directors of peace institutes,  conflict resolution researchers,  mediation experts, negotiation professors, peacemakers, distinguished authors and other professionals who will enlighten you on how to heal the conflict in your own life.

Mari also is the host of Privacy Piracy, which airs every Monday morning on KUCI at 8:00 AM PST . This show has aired since 2005 and explores the benefits, challenges, and danger regarding the vast changes in technology and privacy issues in the information age.  Learn more at


Lloyd D. Boshaw, Jr.

Radio Engineer, Prescriptions for Healing Conflict

Lloyd D. Boshaw, Jr. is our radio engineer and sometimes co-host (when he isn’t too busy running the board, he asks questions too!) Lloyd has been a General Contractor and Builder for over 30 years. He also is very adept at fixing almost anything and quick to learn the radio engineering skills. Lloyd is also a qualified and experienced mediator and arbitrator of construction disputes, and he has helped resolved many complex cases to the parties’ satisfaction. Lloyd and Mari have been friends since they met in Hawaii in1989 and after many years they decided to marry 2001. As a peacemaker himself, Lloyd is dedicated to finding creative ways of resolving disputes and is a believer in effective problem solving.  Lloyd also engineers Mari’s show Privacy Piracy  since he is also concerned that privacy is greatly diminishing in our society.  Mari is very grateful to Lloyd for his great  radio engineering skills and his wonderful patience.