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RABBI WAYNE DOSICK, Ph.D., D.D., is an educator, writer, and spiritual guide who teaches and counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.  

            Well-known for his quality scholarship and sacred spirit, he is the rabbi of The Elijah Minyan, a retired visiting professor at the University of San Diego, and the host of the monthly Internet radio program, SpiritTalk Live! heard on HealthyLife.net.  

            He is the best-selling award-winning author of nine critically acclaimed books, including the now-classic Living Judaism, Golden Rules, The Business Bible, When Life Hurts, 20 Minute Kabbalah, Soul Judaism, The Best is Yet To Be, Empowering Your Indigo Child,  and, most recently, The Real Name of God:  Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine.  

            As a Contributing Editor of the (late) San Diego Jewish Times, he has written more than 400 articles of religious, political, and social commentary. 

            He has spoken and conducted seminars, workshops, and has been scholar-in-residence at more than 200 bookstores, synagogues, churches, schools, universities and seminaries, hospitals and health care facilities, businesses and corporations, and community organizations throughout the country.

            Articles about Dr. Dosick and his books have appeared in more than 100 newspapers and periodicals, and he has been interviewed on more than 300 radio and television shows, including “Good Morning America,” the Larry King Show, CNN, and NPR.

            Rabbi Dosick has been awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees from both the Hebrew Union College and the Jewish Theological Seminary in recognition of his many years of innovative, creative, and sacred service.  He has been called a “rational intellect with the soul of a mystic, a “prophet for modern times,”  and a “gentle master of the human heart.” He has been described   as “one of the most gifted teachers of our generation, who understands the mindset, needs, and yearnings of people, and responds to this intellectual and inner searching in peerless fashion,” and has been proclaimed “a spiritual master of our time.”

Dr. Dosick lives in north suburban San Diego, with his wife, Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW, where their home is a center of prayer, learning, and healing, and is a gathering place for spiritual seekers.

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