DR. DONALD PET – JUNE 24, 2019

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Donald Pet, M.D.(Born 6/17/36) is director of The Educational Community nonprofit he founded 2008.  I earned my B.A. in psychology at Johns Hopkins U., M.D. at U. of Maryland Medical School, training in Psychiatry at Johns  Hopkins Hospital, and I am Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry.  I consider my most important mentors to be Albert Einstein for his wisdom; Jerome Frank, M.D.,Ph.D. world expert in the psychological cause of war and cause of peace; world class thought leaders who gladly share their wisdom, and multiple clients who allowed me to share their journey to well-being.

Now retired, I devote my energy to creating a million member movement of Einstein’s World Peace Army to teach a newer way of thinking that makes life wonderful.  My experience includes serving as a consultant to the White House Special Action Office on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, writing and directing a 5 million dollar grant on substance abuse and a one million dollar grant to educate staff and community re addictive disease.

My passion to establish a newer means of free lifelong education that teaches the universal wisdom that transforms today’s dreams into tomorrow’s reality for the mutual benefit of my loved ones and humanity.  I am nearing my 62nd wedding anniversary , have three sons, 7 grandchildren, and I “expect” a second great grandchild.  Go to www.lovingmenow.org, click “Press” for additional information.


The Educational Community 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation mission is to popularize Einstein’s solution to create sustainable world peace and prevent the predicted human catastrophe from the unleashing of our new weapons with ultimate destructive power (WUD).  The EC goal is a world where our loved ones and humanity can survive and thrive; it is not money, fame, or other misdirected goals that characterize our current dominant culture.  We achieve this by offering an exciting newer means of lifelong free education, genie seminars, in the 4 universal HELP qualities that make our world the wonderful home we want and need: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace.   All EC content is guaranteed forever FREE to everyone, everywhere, anytime on our websites.  Video endorsements are available at www.worldpeace.academy

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