Fighting for Love Series w/ Mari Frank & Leonard Szymczak

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Listen below for Mari & Leonard’s Fighting for Love series as they discuss topics and issues from their upcoming book, Fighting for Love: Turning Conflict into Collaboration.


Mari J. Frank, Esq., CIPP has been an attorney/ mediator since 1985.  She’s a Certified MCLE Trainer for the State Bar of California, and teaches Negotiation and  Mediation at the University of California, Irvine and conflict management classes at Brandman University. She was the founding President of the Orange County Chapter of the Society For Professionals in Dispute Resolution and she’s the author of  “ Negotiation Breakthroughs” and  co-author of  Stepping Stones to Success, and co-author of Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict Into Intimacy, A Couples Guide,   and several other books. Mari is the radio host of Prescriptions for Healing Conflictwhich airs Monday mornings at 8 :30 AM Pacific Time on KUCI, 88.9 FM and she’s been quoted in the New York Times. The LA Times, the Orange County Register, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and interviewed on numerous national US TV and radio shows. Learn more at and



Leonard Szymczak is an author, speaker, psychotherapist, and life coach. For the past 40 years he has worked both in Australia

Leonard Szymczak picand America, as an educator and therapist. He was Director of the Family Therapy Program at the Marriage and Family Centre in Sydney, Australia, and later worked with the Family Institute at Northwestern University. He is the author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace, an Amazon Bestseller, as well as the novel, Cuckoo Forevermore, a light-hearted satire on psychotherapy. He is the co-author with Mari Frank of the forthcoming book, Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict into Intimacy—A Couple’s Guide. Leonard conducts seminars on personal and spiritual growth and counsels and coaches clients in Orange County, CA. Learn more at:


Chapter 1 – The Gift of Conflict

Chapter 2 – Why Do You Fight?

Chapter 3 – What Do You Need v. What Do you Want?

Chapter 4 – Who Are You? Who Am I?

Chapter 5 – Destructive Pattern

Chapter 6 – Boundaries

Chapter 7 – Building Bridges

Chapter 8 – Forgive Me Not

Chapter 9 – Change Your Thinking

Chapter 10 – Solutions

Chapter 11 – Transform Hostility

Chapter 12 – Healing from the Inside Out

Epilogue – Harmony

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