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Harvey Deutschendorf is an emotional intelligence expert, speaker and internationally published author of The Other Kind of Smart, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success.

He is a regular contributor to FAST COMPANY and writes a monthly column for HR PROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE. Harvey is a certified trainer for CANFIELD SUCCESS PRINCIPLES.  In 2015 he was recognized as one of the TOP THOUGHT LEADERS IN TRUST by TRUST ACROSS AMERICA. Harvey is a TEDx Speaker with TEDx Beacon Street, Boston

Harvey’s passion for emotional intelligence not only comes from studying the topic; he has personally used the skills he has learned to overcome difficult obstacles in his life.  He lives in Edmonton, Canada with his partner Sandra and enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, travelling, history, jazz, and playing the blues harmonica.

To learn more, visit: www.theotherkindofsmart.com

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