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John Wilder has a BA with a double major in Bible Theology and Psychology. This enabled him to see all the great psychology you won’t find  in any psych books. He went to grad school for Clincal Psych and dropped out because he vehemently disagreed with what they were teaching us.

In fact he tells people if they want and value their marriage to avoid marriage counselors like the plague.  The reason:  They get ZERO instruction in sexuality. What are the big 3 that couples fight about: money, sex and kids.

They get ZERO instruction in conflict resolution skills. Why does a couple go to a marriage counselor?  To learn how to stop fighting.

The average failure rate for traditional marriage counselors is a whopping 75%.  Once a woman leaves the marriage with daughters intow, you would not believe how many women have confided to me that they were serially raped by mama’s new boyfriend or stepdad.  Mostof the time, the mom does not report it to the police so the poor young daughter is left with the impression that she is “worthless”  which is almost as devastating as the rapes themselves.

John has done 30 years of marriage coaching part time.

He has changed his method and will be doing mass seminars around the country because helping one couple at a time is like spitting into the ocean.

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