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Mary Beth Battaglia has a passion for helping people with the elemental struggles they face due to fears, medical issues, negative habits, grief, stress, depression, and anxiety.  She is a speaker, author of Transformation Through Hypnosis:Relax, Clear Your Mind And Step Into Your Power, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, and Sound Healing expert.  She has over 500 hours of hypnosis training.  Mary Beth has discovered the powerful and life-changing combination of hypnosis and sound vibration creating deep levels of relaxation and calm. By blending sound with hypnosis, Mary Beth gives her clients and audiences a deeper, more profound relaxing and vibrational experience, offering them a tool belt of coping skills that can be used daily to maintain balance and calm.  Mary Beth is taking Clinical Hypnosis mainstream as she uses her training and her intuition to help create a welcoming and safe energy to work in, for private sessions, group webinars and workshops.

Mary Beth says everyone has the key to find the answers within.  Hypnosis and sound are 2 of the many paths to take you on the journey within.  Mary Beth is a spiritual traveler who connects to the energy of the land.  She is on a life long journey to expand her mind, body and spirit with the knowledge of different cultures and traditions.  Mary has been featured on Fox News, is the Hypnosis Life Strategist on and her hypnosis tips are featured on AM970 The Answer and iHeartRadio.

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