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Myke and Mike are both professional speakers and trainers who have decades of experience engaging people who possess every variable imaginable.

East coast Myke has been a local pastor in the same community for 40+ years. West coast Mike has been a pastor in several communities in Washington and Oregon for about 20 years. (Keep an open mind about their profession… they’re not like most pastors you might have met previously.) East coast Myke served as an adjunct instructor at a small college in Rochester, NY for 29 years. West coast Mike served in several key capacities in the Wenatchee, WA school district for 19 years. East coast Myke was a regional and national director of youth ministry development for a denomination for 20 years, running dozens of events for as many as 4000 students. West coast Mike developed the training mechanisms for many of those events and all the staff involved. East coast Myke has written 23 books, for use in specialized training events.

West coast Mike has written east coast Myke off as kind of a geeky nerd who knows a lot but needs a good translator… They’re great friends and bring a huge spark to every event that can ignite a blazing fire of passion for change, improvement and effectiveness. Myke and Mike can speak universal concepts and principles in numerous languages: Businessperson, Familyspeak, four dialects of Americanese (Boomer, GenX, Millennial and GenZ), Urban Street, Rural Country, Educationese, Academia, and Bad Pun, just to name a few. (East coast Myke has a working knowledge of English, Spanish, American Sign Language, French, German, biblical Hebrew, biblical Greek, and Latin – and West coast Mike is fluent in all the rest.)

They prefer to work as a team, offering keynotes, break-outs, Q&As, and collaboration sessions. They regard themselves as twins born to different mothers on different coasts in different months. But the same year. One speaker is good, to be sure. But two together? Unforgettable. Effective. Worth it.

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