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Rosemarie Reinhard Musso was born and raised during World War II in Germany and witnessed first-hand the atrocities and tragedies of the Third Reich during Hitler’s reign. Although young as a child, she had preserved and recorded her vivid, razor sharp memories in family and personal memoir “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, The Four Laws of Forgiveness.” Her father was a dentist, had his practice in their home and they lived in the village of Sterbfritz in Hessen, Germany, located in the idyllic and serene southern mountains of Germany close to Bavaria. The slave labor workers, P.O.W.s (prisoners of war), and Jews from West and East European countries, Belgium and France worked there. Per regulations, a coal mine administration close to her village brought the slave workers who had serious dental problems to Dentist Richard Reinhard’s office which was located in their family home.

Dr. Reinharde not only helped the Jews during WWII, but war prisoners and slave workers and provided much-needed dental services as well as food, compassion, vegetables, nutrition and treating them in a human and civilized manner, unheard of at that time in WW II’s Germany. Unfortunately this was against the official policies of the Third Reich and Hitler’s regime which initiated constant surveillance by Hitler’s vicious and murderous secret police, the Gestapo and SS troops put daily pressure and obstruction on all of Dentist Reinhard’s family members. Atrocities of Hitler’s regime knew no limits and resulted in sentence to execute Dentist Reinhard in Danzig, Germany. God protected my father. He had a patient, a Baroness, who suffered from a gum disease only my father was able to heal. The grateful Baroness called a close friend, who was high ranking General in Hitler’s war machine and pled with the General, as a personal favor to her, not to execute the only dentist who was able to help her with this gum disease and thus, my father’s life was spared again. God had a ram in the bush.

Hitler did not stop there and eventually our whole family’s execution by hanging was legally set. Hitler’s regime was ready to hang Dentist Reinhard and his family when the American Army troops arrived to occupy our village. Thanks to the U. S. Army troops, our lives were spared once again. In 1959, Rosemarie Reinhard Musso married a U.S. G.I.,and then moved to the United States in 1961. They had two daughters and ever since lived in Birmingham, Alabama. She worked hard in her new adoptive country to make the American Dream happen. And she did succeed big time by going to various schools, getting the best education she could get, learning English, excelling at her job with different law firms and volunteered with local TV productions. In 2006, she received her law license and is very proud of that accomplishment to practice law and fulfilling her dream.

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