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Sankarshan Das is a spiritual master with thousands of students and disciples all over the world. During the late 60’s, the Woodstock era, he was a cuttig edge singer/songwriter who shared the stage with the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful.  He was desired to spread a message that could bring perfect peace to our troubled planet. In 1971 after years of intense searching, through a remarkably amazing series of profound experiences he was blessed with the discovery of the perfect formula for individual and global peace and happiness. That formula is presented in a seed-like form in his song “The Peace Formula,” which was very much appreciated by Barack Obama when he was the US president. Now Sankarshan Das is in the process of writing a teaching-memoir in which he reveals the amazing story of his spiritual awakening along with an in depth presentation of how that peace formula can bestow profound, perfect spiritual enlightenment upon all those apply it and how it can usher in a new era of unparalled peace, prosperity, and happiness to our greatly troubled planet.

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