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Dr. Wendy M. O’Connor is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Relationship Coach, Media Consultant, Social Media Influencer, with a successful private practice in Brentwood & Encino California. She specializes in teaching secure attachment & technology IRL (in real life) & Cyberspace to Teens & Couples. She has worked in various settings with over twenty years of experience in the community. She also provides Global Life Coaching around the world via Technology, Skype & FaceTime.

While attending graduate school with an emphasis in Infant & Toddler Specialization, and working full-time as a teacher, she dedicated herself to volunteer work in the community specializing in physical and sexual abuse with children as well as worked with “at risk” teens in the legal system, non-public schools and outpatient clinics. Her work focused on helping teens in programs designed to redirect their anger and create meaningful goals for their future. She is often named “The Teen Whisperer” This important work in the community inspired Dr. O’Connor to participate further in the community by continuing her internship at a well-known organization called Vista Del Mar. There she focused on individual and family therapy with various emotional issues such as Transgender, Bipolar Disorder, Self-Injury, Depression, Addiction, Grief & Loss, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD and Attachment Disorder.

She is an advocate for children struggling with trauma, learning disabilities coupled with low self-esteem. Early intervention, working closely with schools and parents and empowering and encouraging teens to verbalize their needs became an ongoing passion for Dr. Wendy O’Connor. She also specializes in attachment with Singles helping them to develop meaning find true love, passion and purpose in life and creating intention for positive change.

In addition to her very successful practice, Dr. O’Connor is an author, motivational speaker and cyber educator. Touring around the world sharing the latest insight in Teens & Technology and Couples & Technology. Dr. O’Connor is excited about her many projects, such as her Podcast The Relationship Show with Dr. Wendy & Miss Jenni on iTunes, her YouTube Videos on love and relationships, Weekly “Stay Open” Webinar, eBooks on Amazon and her latest book on “Stay Open” Single Women and Secure Attachment.

She holds public speaking engagements and workshops that creatively address various aspects of relationships. Dr. Wendy O’Connor is passionate about the issues of Marriage & Family as well as adolescence; couples and individuals helping them heal the past and move forward with meaning, passion and purpose in life.

To learn more, please visit www.doctorwendyoconnor.com

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