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Zen Cryar DeBrucke is founder of Smart Soul Academy, which makes accessible globally her seminal work on the Internal Guidance System (IGS) that has made her an international sensation.
A member of the illustrious Transformational Leadership Council created by Jack Canfield, uniting many of the world’s top personal growth luminaries, Zen has worked with over 40,000 people, including training 4,000 master students, on the nuances of how recognize and act on the messages of their IGS to achieve a peak life in alignment with their life purpose.

An internationally renowned inspirational teacher, speaker, author and executive coach, Zen’s passion is teaching people to tap into their innate inner guidance to generate consistent, successful results in life. The result is replacing exhaustion, anxiety, fear and dread with ease, joy, flow and fulfillment. Zen’s programs have helped thousands of people all over the world transform their lives for the better, with sustained positive changes in their business and personal lives. Her compassion radiates through her work, and her style is down to earth, practical, humorous and wise. Zen’s international bestselling book, Your Inner GPS is an easy-to-read how-to on the way to let this inner wisdom guide you to success, and the Smart Soul Academy provides a deeper easily-accessible online guide to mastering this art.
The key to Zen’s success arrived when she decoded her own Internal Guidance System and learned that everyone was born with a factory installed Inner GPS. In the beginning, she used it fuel her own success, as founder and CEO of one of the first Internet design companies in the world. The company grew exponentially, and worked with Fortune 500 companies, including Applied Materials, IBM, Electronic Arts, BP and VISA.

After that firm dissolved in the dot-com collapse, she found herself filling the request of many of her fellow entrepreneurs and executives to advise them on how she was seemingly emotionally untouched by the rollercoaster they were experiencing. It was the springboard for her to become a full-time executive coach and IGS guide. She has since coached thousands of business leaders to use their IGS for success in every area of their lives.

Zen’s rise to fame and success capped a life that began in an abusive dysfunctional home, saw her experience sexual abuse at the hands of someone outside her family, forced her to seek emancipation at 16 years old, dropped out of high school and then struggled to make a living until she discovered her IGS. She went on to earn a degree in Global Politics with Mandarin Chinese and Minor in Art History from U.C. Davis, before stepping into the rise of the San Francisco, CA, digital companies in the mid 1990s and became CEO and a founding member of The NetKitchen one of the first usability and internet design firms in the world.

Zen is a breast cancer survivor and busy home schooling mom, in additional to her Academy work.
To learn more about Smart Soul Academy, visit www.smartsoulacademy.com and www.Internalguidancesystem.com

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